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Hey Duggee at the CinemaU

Join Duggee and his friends for a 60 minute special made up of your favourite episodes.

Day off Badge

There’s no Squirrel Club today as its Duggee’s Day Off! What fun packed adventures does he have in store for himself? Duggee manages to finish his chores, have a relaxing bath, and is just settling down with a nice cup of tea when the Squirrels show up one by one to tell him about their adventures on their own days off… earning their Day Off badges in the process

Tadpole Badge

Duggee has made a beautiful rock pool, a place of calm for all the animals. The squirrels spot the strangest things – dots with tails, wriggling around. What on EARTH are they? The are baby frogs – tadpoles! But they don’t SOUND or LOOK like Frogs.

The Obstacle Badge

It’s time for the annual Animal Obstacle Course Race – the animals need to work together in teams to complete the course. Duggee has his Obstacle Course badge together with the squirrels they form the RED team and the fun begins.

River Badge

Duggee has a package that needs delivering right at the other end of the river, and a long way from the clubhouse. It looks like the squirrels are going to have a day out on the boat.  Good job Duggee has his River badge!

Glasses Badge

It’s a lovely day outside and Duggee is watering the plants while the squirrels play nearby.  Happy goes to retrieve the ball, that’s stopped by Mole, who is sitting on a bench looking very sad.  Mole is reflecting on a missed opportunities and forgotten dreams.  As a young mole he wanted to be … a … STUNT MOLE!  But he couldn’t follow that dream as it was too hard with everything being so fuzzy.  Can Duggee and the squirrels help?

Space Badge

It’s winter and it’s dark and too cold to play outside. 

The squirrels wonder what Duggee is up to – he seems to be looking through a long stick out of the window.  What’s that, Duggee?  Duggee explains that it’s a telescope, and he’s looking at things far far away … in SPACE.  The squirrels are keen to have a go too but first Duggee tells them about the Solar System, and in order to help him they must all dress up as planets!

Roly’s First Day Badge

Roly has always been loud right?  Well actually on his first day in the clubhouse he was rather quiet!  Hiding behind his Dad he couldn’t even talk to Duggee.  Then he met Norrie and they started to paint, play with balloons and more importantly YELL!  Soon enough Roly ran around the clubhouse and found his voice, and once he found his voice he really found his voice!  Soon enough, Roly was right at home and didn’t notice his Dad not being around at all!

60 minutes
Animation, Family

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